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For Stores

  • Containers for hot dishes

    Containers for hot dishes

    In PP containers packaging, delivery and microwave heating of hot dishes is convenient and safe. We offer options with lid and sealing with the volume from 125 to 2,000 ml

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  • Containers for cold dishes

    Containers for cold dishes

    Attaractive, convenient and producible package for any products. A variety of forms, colors and volumes makes it possible to preserve, deliver and present the product to the customer.

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  • Cups


    PP, PET cups with the volume from 100 to 500 ml for hot and cold beverages, desserts, fruit and vegetables. Dome-shaped and flat lid allow using PET cups for take-out.

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  • Plates


    Disposable plates are convenient and indispensible for summer house, picnic and travels. We offer regular, dessert and soup plates made of PS and PP.

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For Stores

All types of modern, convenient and presentable package for deli departments, private manufacture networks, as well as disposable tableware and container sets for on shelf sales.

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